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The aim of this house was to be the client’s stopover between his residences in the west and the east. To marry the western understanding of comfort and the eastern aesthetic. The client for his business often receives large groups of guests from China. It is the meeting point of the clients’ guests in Russia and from China.

The split-level circulation around a central stair core, the free plan of the house provided opportunities for multiple perspective views inside to the exterior views of the nearby bay and the bridge connecting the mainland and the peninsula.

At the junction of the east and west, the design elements initiated. Chinese silkscreen printing, red hardwood furniture and ceiling beams, handmade glass lighting pendants kitchen is to serve a large number of guests. There is room for the guests to eat and to relax in the living room with a fireplace. The stair rail conceived as pre-stressed steel cables, akin to the bridge cables, reaching all the way from the first level of the atrium to the top floor.

The master bedroom has a red silk wall with two golden peacocks. The wooden niches are placeholders for hand-blown glass pendants. The floor is finished with coco fiber.