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This is the last work by architect Alexander Zaretsky.

The client’s programs was to build a French chateau on a piece of land located in a Moscow region, Russia.

Chambord, a prototype of a French country estate surrounded by a moat became the starting point for this project. To accentuate the entry to the site, a long reflecting pool, lined with sculptures created drama at the approach to the building. The long piece of land with one short end joining a riverbank was a major siting feet. As the Petergoff, as Versailles, as Villa Borghese the site developed dramatically with a long reflecting pool, a moat surrounding the chateau, a water cascade ending in a deep pond edging a bathhouse, finishing with a path descending to the river. The project was ambitious, a complicated system of water circulation had to function on a sloping site without undermining the buildings underground structural systems. The landscaping project of, vast expanses of grass lawn and large monumental trees, worked with the natural stone masonry, the slate roof and turrets, and sculptural stone details.

The interiors are elegant, restrained and well proportioned. The doors and window openings is double height to emphasize the ceilings. Despite the classical form of the building, the first floor plan is open, freely connecting all the living spaces. The central atrium connects all the floors giving an impression of vast air.

The interior and furniture details are not strictly classical, providing contrast and variability, elaborated in the concept visualizations.